Xatu #178 / 1975 Max CP

Xatu is known to stand motionless while staring at the sun all day long. Some people revere it as a mystical Pokémon out of their belief that Xatu is in possession of the power to see into the future.

Xatu stands rooted and still in one spot all day long. People believe that this Pokémon does so out of fear of the terrible things it has foreseen in the future.

psychic flying
Weak vs. No data available yet.
Strong vs. No data available yet.
Attack 192
Defense 146
Stamina 130
Height 1.5m
Weight 15kg
Quick move Damage EPS DPS
air slash 14 8.33 14.6
feint attack 10 10 13.9
Charge move Damage EPS DPS
futuresight 120 37.04 55.6
aerial ace 55 13.75 28.6
ominous wind 50 14.35 27.2