Lanturn #171 / 2077 Max CP

Lanturn is known to emit light. If you peer down into the dark sea from a ship at night, you can sometimes see this Pokémon's light rising from the depths where it swims. It gives the sea an appearance of a starlit night.

Lanturn is nicknamed “the deep-sea star" for its illuminated antenna. This Pokémon produces light by causing a chemical reaction between bacteria and its bodily fluids inside the antenna.

water electric
Weak vs. No data available yet.
Strong vs. No data available yet.
Attack 146
Defense 146
Stamina 250
Height 1.2m
Weight 22.5kg
Quick move Damage EPS DPS
water gun 5 10 12.5
charge beam 8 13.64 9.1
Charge move Damage EPS DPS
thunder 100 41.67 52.1
hydro pump 130 30.3 49.2
thunderbolt 80 20 40