Igglybuff #174 / 512 Max CP

Igglybuff has a soft and plushy body that feels very much like a marshmallow. From this body wafts a gently sweet fragrance that soothes and calms the emotions of its foes.

Igglybuff's vocal cords are not sufficiently developed. It would hurt its throat if it were to sing too much. This Pokémon gargles with freshwater from a clean stream.

normal fairy
Weak vs. No data available yet.
Strong vs. No data available yet.
Attack 69
Defense 34
Stamina 180
Height 0.3m
Weight 1kg
Quick move Damage EPS DPS
pound 7 10 14.6
feint attack 10 10 13.9
Charge move Damage EPS DPS
psychic 100 35.71 44.6
wild charge 90 19.23 43.3
body slam 50 17.37 32.9
shadow ball 100 16.67 41.7