Graveler #75 / 1815 Max CP

Rocks are Graveler's favorite food. This Pokémon will climb a mountain from the base to the summit, crunchingly feasting on rocks all the while. Upon reaching the peak, it rolls back down to the bottom.

Graveler grows by feeding on rocks. Apparently, it prefers to eat rocks that are covered in moss. This Pokémon eats its way through a ton of rocks on a daily basis.

rock ground
Weak vs. grasswaterfightinggroundicesteel
Strong vs. poisonrockfireelectricice
Attack 164
Defense 196
Stamina 110
Height 1m
Weight 105kg
Quick move Damage EPS DPS
rock throw 12 7.78 16.7
mud slap 15 8.57 13.4
mud shot 5 11.67 10.4
Charge move Damage EPS DPS
stone edge 100 43.48 54.3
rock slide 80 18.52 37
rock blast 50 15.71 29.8
dig 100 10.64 26.6