Doduo #84 / 1011 Max CP

Doduo's two heads contain completely identical brains. A scientific study reported that on rare occasions, there will be examples of this Pokémon possessing different sets of brains.

Doduo's two heads never sleep at the same time. Its two heads take turns sleeping, so one head can always keep watch for enemies while the other one sleeps.

normal flying
Weak vs. electricicerock
Strong vs. fightingbuggrass
Attack 158
Defense 88
Stamina 70
Height 1.4m
Weight 39.2kg
Quick move Damage EPS DPS
quick attack 8 12.5 12.5
peck 10 10 12.5
Charge move Damage EPS DPS
brave bird 90 50 56.3
drill peck 60 14.35 32.6
aerial ace 55 13.75 28.6
swift 60 17.86 26.8